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Here's what parents and students are saying about Mrs. Frederick...

“We absolutely love Mary Frederick’s writing classes for our boys, and I can’t recommend her high enough. She’s a creative, positive, and extremely supportive teacher. She knows writing, and she’s knows teaching; the perfect combination for successful writing.  Mary is a great communicator, and she offers supportive critique along the way, allowing for positive growth with each step of the writing process. Both our boys (5th and 7th grade) have grown in all the writing genres, and they especially enjoyed the news article projects. They came home enthusiastic and confident about what to write and how to participate in the group presentation.”              

                ~ Lori Lara, El Dorado Hills

“I strongly suggest taking this class. This class will significantly change your writing skills, no matter how good at writing you already are. All the different activities you do in class will make you want to come back each week.”  

                 ~ Clark, 8th grade student

“…with your clear, step-by-step method of teaching, Clark has improved his writing skills immensely! I wish I had a class like this — maybe I would enjoy writing assignments. Thank you so much for your help and wonderful teaching skills.”                                                         ~ Jeanine,

               parent of 8th grade student

“This class exceeds my expecations. Your style of ‘building block’ steps helped Joey understand concepts of writing. Your cheerful support and encouragement made him want to write!”                                      

                    ~ Donna,

               parent of 8th grade student

“Write On! is definitely the class to take if you want to improve your writing!”  

           ~  Joanne, 7th grade student

 “It has been an absolute pleasure and a true blessing to have Mary Frederick as our writing teacher. The knowledge and enthusiasm that she brings to our writing class has motivated my children to start writing and it has taught them that writing can be fun.  Mary has inspired them to write and to enjoy sharing their writing with others. Because Mary is a loving and dedicated teacher, she quickly won my children’s hearts and became their favorite teacher. She is truly a remarkable writing teacher and we are so thankful to have her in our lives.”                         

                  ~ Anamaria Fallavollita,

                          El Dorado Hills

“Write On! is a great way to help kids who maybe aren’t the best writers to improve their skills to become better. Write On! was fun, and it is a good class because the steps are taken one by one so it is easier to understand. I highly recommend this class to other middle schoolers.”  

           ~ Nicholas, 7th grade student

“My daughter learned so much from your class. You explained the writing process thoroughly with plenty of examples. You also made it fun with games! I love the idea of Author’s Night, for it makes the quiet ones participate.”  

~ Elena, parent of 7th grade student

“My child learned clear structures for different types of writing. The writing process was practiced in every assignment, so it became natural for her.”      

   ~ Ling, parent of 4th grade student

“My daughters have taken Mary Frederick’s writing classes for the past five years.  Her unfailing kindness coupled with her vast knowledge and expertise of the English language make her the girls’ favorite teacher.  As a homeschooling parent, I find her approach to teaching gives the girls the foundation for all necessary writing projects which they have written in this class.  I would recommend Mary’s class over and over.                      

             ~ Anca Green, Shingle Springs

“I learned a lot about writing individual paragraphs, and then linking them together. Mrs. Frederick clearly conveys her ideas and gives good examples. This is a wonderful class,”  

             ~ Jackson, 6th grade student

“Mary is one of the best, most creative teachers my girls have ever taken classes from since we started homeschooling over four years ago. Mary’s Write On! class is the absolute favorite of my daughters and Mary makes writing fun and exciting. I don’t know how she does it, but both my girls always want to do the assignments as soon as they are assigned and they have both grown by leaps and bounds in their writing skill and abilities. My daughter went from not being able to write a paragraph on her own, to writing a research paper in one semester. Mary is always prepared with great things to learn for the kids and she presents her classes in a hands-on, interactive way that kids enjoy! She is kind and patient and takes the time to listen and get feedback so the children always feel honored and heard in her classes.”                                                                      ~ Elizabeth, El Dorado Hills

“Mrs. Frederick gives students clear guidelines on writing and provides great helpful feedback.”                                   ~ Kristen, 7th grade student

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